Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Perverse Pleasure

June 7. To get a head start
by  Joanne Kyger

                             Yea, but I'm too old
                             Yea, but I'm growing too old
                             To wait around this long

                             Nobody wants to sit with me

Forgive this interlude for a while: I became infinitely
glamorous and careless, like the best memory, of past

I often tell women's secrets to men

It was open, in the clear gray, morning. Babies
cries, and a dog barks, birds shrill from the top
of the trees.
            I'm going to run away from all this.
I am going to enter into another dimension.
            Oh my little head and hope. I am projected
ahead. I will realize the continuum from the past.
I will not be abusive, I am smitten in glory.
           I am full of hopeful rushing. On into
the high out rocking waves.

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Perverse Pleasure

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