Monday, July 20, 2015

Can you love yourself first?

All too often we are willing to believe the worst about ourselves, scarcely giving ourselves any credit. It's almost as if we are afraid to acknowledge that we are beautiful, kind, intelligent...
We love polishing up our guilt every now and then, adding an extra layer of shine feeling the worst about ourselves...
And we often most love the people who make us feel the worst about ourselves. The more they ignore us, the more you dance to entertain them. The more they disdain you, the more you throw yourself at their feet.
The more you cry into your pillow at night, the more their worth grows in your eyes. You overlook people who really care, you ignore friends, your obsession is solely with the ones who put you down.
Why are we self destructive? Why are we afraid to love ourselves?
What is the point of validation in someone else's eyes, when you cannot look at yourself clearly?
How can you expect anyone else to love you when all you feel is hatred and loathing for yourself?
Why spend your precious love on someone when all you need to do is invest it on yourself?
Look inward. Take a deep breath. Accept your wonderfulness. Say to yourself, "I love you. The most!"
Tell yourself that you are worthy of the best. And what is better than the love you have to give?
Selflessness be damned. Some more 'me' doesn't hurt... put 'we' on the backseat for some time.
Put yourself first. It's difficult at times. But try! Write yourself a poem. Take a selfie. Smile. Put on lipstick. Try a new color. Enjoy!
Say nice things about yourself. Buy yourself a flower.
You are worth more than the penny farthing you've been spending on yourself. Much more precious. Treasure your opinion. Speak for yourself. Cheer your achievements.
See yourself as amazing, because you are.

Perverse Pleasure

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