Monday, March 28, 2011

The Story of A Doll House

A young friend recently visited the American Museum of Natural History and took photographs of an amazing Doll’s House on display.

(Link to the display here.)


This beautiful 23 room doll’s house was lovingly created and furnished by Faith Bradford. It is five stories tall and is built on a scale of one inch to one foot. There are 1,354 miniature specimens in the model.  The house contains furniture, linens, toys and other household items. The inhabitants are Mr. and Mrs. Peter Doll, their 10 children, two visiting grandparents, five servants and 20 pets.


Faith Bradford had been a devoted collector of miniatures since childhood. The exhibition also includes her scrapbook which has carefully detailed notes about the house’s construction and furnishings.


Today, her exquisite doll house serves as both a masterfully crafted achievement of the enthusiast’s lifelong passion and a delightful peek into early 20th-century living.


Enjoy the online tour here.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Sorry :-(

Just curious about where stupid people go when they die? The normal people's heaven/hell or do they have a purgatory for dummies version?

I just feel supremely stupid today. I made a major error out of overconfidence and sheer laziness. Now that things are spiraling out of control, I feel like dying out of shame. It's not that major a thing - but it was a stupid mistake.

I feel worse about the fact that someone else also got into trouble because of me. I have my own cross of stupidity to bear - but why should someone else suffer because of me?

I do not know what else to say but sorry- and I promise to be more careful next time.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nuclear disaster: India next?


The Indian government is close to approving the world's biggest nuclear power development -- in an earthquake zone. Let's tell PM Singh to learn from Japan's nuclear crisis and stop the plan! Sign the petition:


Dear friends across India,

As nuclear disaster ravages Japan, Congress is moving ahead with plans to build the world's largest nuclear power development -- on an earthquake hotspot.

The Jaitapur nuclear reactors have been rubber-stamped by State authorities and the Environment Ministry, but Prime Minister Singh can intervene to suspend the plants' construction. With Japan's catastrophe fueling media scrutiny and public outcry, the project's financial backers are thinking about pulling out -- and Singh is deciding whether to rush to the project's rescue, or move to end it.

Our voices can tip the balance. This is the crucial moment: if enough of us call on Singh to stop the project now, we can make the project too controversial to continue. When the petition reaches 50,000 we'll deliver it to media and the Prime Minister’s office -- sign now and then send this to family and friends:

There are several factors that make the proposed Jaitapur energy park particularly dangerous. The gigantic nuclear development, planned for the tsunami-prone coast of Jaitapur, will rely on a brand new type of mega-reactor that has not been approved for use anywhere in the world. Scientists classify the proposed site of the Jaitapur complex as Zone 3, susceptible to "very strong" seismic activity. In 1993, Jaitapur experienced a powerful 6.5-rated quake that left nearly 9,000 people dead. If the plants are built, the next quake could be far deadlier.

Already this week, Germany announced it will decommission 40% of its nuclear plants and halt planned extensions, reversing a controversial decision to expand its nuclear programme. Here in India, it's time to make the same decision.

Moreover, the plant would also be an environmental and social travesty. Jaitapur is home to amazingly diverse wildlife. The massive energy campus would displace over 40,000 people and destroy one of India's greatest natural landscapes -- eating away at the habitat of tigers, elephants and thousands of other species, even if no earthquake occurs. In the event of a Japan-like quake, the devastation would be mind-boggling. Now, when these dangers are most vivid, let’s join our voices to oppose these plants:

In India and around the world, our thoughts over the past few days have been with the people of Japan as they respond to compounding challenges of a historic earthquake, a massive tsunami, and an potentially calamitous nuclear crisis. In the event the nuclear material cannot be stabilized, the threats to millions will be literally blowing in the wind. Japan may no longer have a choice, but we do. Let’s take action now to put an end to these plants, and help steer India's energy future towards safe and renewable fuels that can keep bring us all a brighter future.

With hope and determination,

Ricken, Graziela, Benjamin and the whole Avaaz team.


Japan's disaster a "wake up call" to India:

Banks make a move to cease financing earthquake prone plants:

Study calls for nuke plant pause:

The campaign to cover up dissent to the project:

Congress continues to support the Jaitapur nuclear project:

The uproar over Jaitapur is growing:

Germany to shut down 7 nuclear reactors:

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Have A Great Day...


Monday, March 7, 2011

Amai bhashaili re

Amai bhashaili re ..Amai dubaili reee

Okul doriar kono kul nai re

Amai bhashaili re ..Amai dubaili reee

Okul doriar kono kul nai re

Amai bhashaili re ..Amai dubaili reee

Okul doriar kono kul nai re.


Kul nai kinar nai

Nai go doriar paare

Kul nai kinar nai

Nai go doriar paare

Are shabdhane chalaio majhi

Shabdhane chalio majhi..amar bhanga tori ree

Okul doriar bujhi kul nai re.


Pansha jole chai bashay shagorero baane

Pansha jole chai bashay shagorero baane

Ami jiboner bhela bhashailam

Ami jiboner bhela bhashailam

Keo na ta jane re

Okul doriar bujhi kul nai re.


Amai bhashaili re ..Amai dubaili reee

Okul doriar bujhi kul nai re


Amai bhashaili re ..Amai dubaili reee

Okul doriar bujhi kul nai re


Amai bhashaili re ..Amai dubaili reee

Okul doriar bujhi kul nai re.


-          originally sung by Abbas Uddin Ahmed

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Perfect Mismatch

Tanu Weds Manu


Cast: R. Madhavan, Kangana Ranaut, Jimmy Shergill, Deepak
Dobriyal, Eijaz Khan and Swara Bhaskar

Directed by Anand L. Rai



A must-watch! Not so much for the Madhavan-Kangana pairing but for the chemistry between Madhavan and Deepak Dobriyal!

Oye Pappiji! You rock!



Perverse Pleasure

Madhuja'r jonmodiney lekha kobita - Anindya Chatterjee জুলাই মাসে, কোনও কোনও জন্মদিন আসে। ঘরের পাশে,ভিড়ের বাসে স্মৃতির ঘাসে, জলোচ্ছ...