Sunday, April 18, 2010

A hero falls...

You, who walked away 
and crushed our hopes...
and left dead, destroyed dreams in your wake...

You, who showed such promise
and with your eyes, made us look forward
and with your words, helped us speak
And now, as you leave, we can only perceive a shift
just as your shadow creeps out

We understand you need your silence...
And is too late to ask why you did what you did
and would you have done otherwise...had you known?
There's no answer, and we almost know why...

We will crawl back into our shells again, 
Turn off the lights and pull up the covers to our chins...
Cold hard brutal reality rampages outside
and without our champion, 
We are again back to our defenseless selves...

Another hero falls, 
his shining armour spirited away in secrecy
his broadsword broken
and shield already taken over by rust...

What can we do?
But wait, but not with much hope 
For yet another one?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Sharing A Laugh Across Generations

This image remains a favourite over the years.
Ranjini's son Ranaay and his grandfather share a laugh.

Grow old along with me...

Friends are special. If you are a friend, it means you were specially chosen. Not because of any accident of birth or an unavoidable circumstance. It's because that person wants you there.

I really haven't had much luck with love in my life. I thought I loved someone, but that was apparently not enough... but, I have been truly fortunate with the friends in my life. Some of them, I have known since school, some from my college and university years and various others whom I met while working or through other friends. I also have great "social networking" friends.

Statistically speaking, I suppose I know more women than men.

I suppose studying in a girls' school and college automatically makes you more comfortable with girl friends... which of course doesn't mean that I do not appreciate my guy friends!

I have best friends and gangs of friends... and friends with whom I share specific interests... I have friends I have known over 20 years and also friends who are perhaps a few hours old...

I have friends about whom I know everything and yet I am close to kindred souls online about whom I know nothing at all save the fact that they write divinely or take fabulous photos... I have 3 am friends and also 10 am friends... rainy day friends and friends who see you through your best times...

I have friends who feel the need to protect me and some whom I feel personally responsible for...
I have friends with clout and friends who wouldn't hurt a fly to save their lives... I have friends who are serious and others who don't have a single solemn thought in their minds... I have blissfully happy married friends and glad to be single friends... I have friends who are almost as bad as me and some who are complete inspirations...

I have friends who are family and some family members who are like best friends... I am damned lucky and not a day goes by when I don't appreciate that fact.

Whoever you all are, whatever shape or form, with you in my life - I am blessed.

Small is Beautiful

China Rose, shot at the Galiff Street Sunday Market

a few random thoughts

Sometimes you look back on years gone by,
Some made you laugh and some made you cry.
Some made you a wiser person
And others failed to really teach you a lesson.
Some you cherish and some you wish you never had,
Some which rankled and some that made you glad.

The pictures exist and the words too,
But the circumstances never remain the same.
What is it about the human soul?
That makes it want to look back, yet again?
What is it that makes us want to stop and retrace our steps?

Would you be the person you are, if not because of them?

Perverse Pleasure

Madhuja'r jonmodiney lekha kobita - Anindya Chatterjee জুলাই মাসে, কোনও কোনও জন্মদিন আসে। ঘরের পাশে,ভিড়ের বাসে স্মৃতির ঘাসে, জলোচ্ছ...