Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sweet Nothings

What is better than a deliciously cold ice cream sundae on a hot summer evening?
Sharing it with good friends of course!
Last Saturday, the three of us managed to meet up for a long awaited chat session and lunch at one of Kolkata’s oldest restaurants, Peter Cat. Many giggles, yummy steaks, shreiks and disapproving glances from fellow diners later, we realized we were just in time for a matinee show of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.
Fuelled with visions of a ripped Hrithik, curly haired Farhan and Abhay’s dimples, we zipped across to New Market to catch the 3 o’clock show at the Roxy. On the way, we encountered a good natured (I suppose) cabbie who seemed terribly amused by us on the whole and insisted on laughing aloud at everything we said (none of which was of course, addressed to him!).
Anyway, we managed to grab our seats just as the film was beginning. Now the Roxy had its heydays in the 70’s and 80’s when it was THE place to host premiere parties at and what not. In its present seedy state, it doesn’t compare favorably to the super-plush multiplexes but it does have a certain old-world charm. The seats are the creaky wooden variety with moth eaten upholstery. There are still a few art-deco murals here and there and some old framed posters. The classy curved wooden bar now stocks just chips and pop corn. The old soda fountain lies forgotten. The hall retained the old creamy marble floors at some places and sported crass mosaic tiles at others. In fact during the interval break, we were startled to discover bamboo scaffolding on a part of the ceiling just above our heads!
The movie was entertaining, but that was about it. However, when you have friends to joke and comment about the excesses on screen, you don’t really need Oscar-winning material! Oh and on top of that, we managed to catch some super cheesy trailers of Thai (yes Thai!) movies dubbed into Hindi (called Maaro Ya Maro!) and some local production starring B-grade Hollywood actors about a father looking for a miraculous cure for cancer for his ailing son, in the middle of …(wait for it)… the Sunderbans!
At the end of it all, of course it was time for ice cream!! We hopped over to a small café at Shreeram Arcade, plopped ourselves on the spindly wooden and steel chairs, and ordered from a dog-eared list of misspelled goodies. As we waited, the skies outside changed to a lively canvas of pink, purple, gold and dark blue. Our colorful sundaes arrived in tall glasses with bits of jelly, candied fruit, syrup and dollops of ice cream!
Pic Courtesy: Dessert Minis

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