Sunday, December 12, 2010

Surprise Sunday Guest

A surprise guest turned up at our house yesterday. Baba spotted him huddled in a corner of our balcony. Bushu was curious about who it could be and tried to nudge his way past Baba.  Some crows gathered for a serious conference along the upper railings and the sparrows chattered excitedly. He (or she) has a coat of bright yellow and blue with a collar of white and teardrop shaped black markings. The little fellow scuttled around nervously, dragging its long tail along the walls.


Monima tried to calm him down by speaking softly and then tried to catch him. Of course, he was having none of it and flew up to the railings. Fortunately, he decided to stay and not fly away altogether. So, while Baba shooed away the crows and Ma handled a hyper-excited Bushu, Monima finally managed to catch him with a gamchha.


Now, the little budgie is now resting in a small cage with lots of birdseed, cold water and some fruits he doesn’t really care to look at. He’s been named Buddy for the lack of a more imaginative name. The attached pic was one which I found online – Buddy looks a lot similar but is handsomer, I think. Will put up his pics as soon as the internet connection is fixed at home.


We have to arrange for a bigger place and a perch. And perhaps a friend?


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