Monday, December 13, 2010

Band Baaja Baaraat

The Incident: Watched Band Bajaa Baaraat (BBB) last evening at the City Centre Inox theatre. Have to say that it’s been an entertaining watch after a season of duds such as Anjaana Anjaani, No Problem etc - movies with no perceptible storyline, miserable acting and zero direction skills, BBB’s Shruti Kakkar (Anushka Sharma) and Bittoo Sharma (newcomer Ranveer Singh) are a refreshing change!

Shruti, from Janakpuri, knows exactly what she wants from life – in her case, to be the best Wedding Planner in Delhi, and perhaps even India. Bittoo is a farmer’s son from Saharanpur who adores his carefree existence and looks for ways to escape his father’s sugarcane farms and tractors. They meet at an engagement party which Shruti is managing and Bittoo is gatecrashing, and sparks fly!


The MO: The same old boy-meets-girl story gets an interesting twist with the focus on the wedding planning business. The dialogs are crisp, the songs are fun, the editing is absolutely adequate and so’s the cinematography. Anushka Sharma works well as the hardnosed Shruti while Ranveer is (almost) endearing as Bittoo.

Planning typical Delhi-style OTT wedding extravaganzas, Shruti and Bittoo’s firm called Shaadi Mubarak specialize in providing couples the OTT “dhingchak” wedding experiences of their lives. From their early days, they decide to follow a strict “binnes” rule, no falling in love with your business partner. They start with planning a razzmatazz low-budget Janakpuri wedding and eventually, some three years and many weddings later, work up to their dream of planning an upscale Sainik Farms extravaganza!

Of course, the inevitable happens after their first real break. The once professionally driven Shruti is lovelorn while Bittoo believes that business comes first and tries to avoid her in any way that he can.

A bitter spate takes place and the young couple go their separate ways.

Of course, since no hindi rom-com ends with tears, the end is predictable but it’s still fun seeing how they get there!

The first half is dazzling – what with the meeting of the protagonists, setting up the company and the weddings they handle along with the various hitches. The second half lacks the breeziness of the first but at least avoids descending into the hellish depths of other typical rom-coms rona-dhona type movies this year. The ending could have been better scripted but at least it’s a probable one (and one doesn’t have to swim in the Hudson either).


Verdict: I liked the movie. I wanted something light and frothy with my pop corn and I got just that. And I totally dig “Ainvayi Ainvayi”.



Starring Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh

Direction, Story by Maneesh Sharma

Screenplay by Habib Faisal

Music by Salim-Sulaiman

Cinematography Aseem Mishra

Editing by Namrata Rao

Produced by Aditya Chopra

Studio Yash Raj Films



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