Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Secret Santa Diaries

Playing Secret Santa is fun…

Knowing how much someone enjoys your gifts (in my case, I am sending IOUs to my "Angel" since I am not physically present at the location) gives you such a warm feeling deep inside.

The best part is that the Angel does not know who you are or where you're from – so the happiness, one can hope, is from genuine pleasure rather than any obligation to be polite.

Let me share part of a conversation my Angel's friend forwarded to me (yes! Secret Santa needs all the helpers she can get!!) and you'll see what I mean!


Angel[3:08 PM]:

 I got another IOU from my Santa

 this time a teddy

‎‎Santa's Helper[3:08 PM]:

 via ***?


‎‎Angel[3:08 PM]:

 nobody gave me a teddy before...I'm so happy  whenever i get it

 no...from "Santa's other friend"

‎‎Santa's Helper[3:09 PM]:



‎‎Angel[3:10 PM]:

 the last time i got a teddy was from dad when i was a small kid.....after that I never got any teddy in my life from anyone!!!...just imagine!!

 I love my santa

‎‎Santa's Helper[3:10 PM]:

 OMG! really?

‎‎Angel[3:10 PM]:

 yes babes

‎‎Santa's Helper[3:10 PM]:

 dats so nice

‎‎Angel[3:10 PM]:

 ya...i already love my santa

‎‎Santa's Helper[3:11 PM]:

 mujhe bachpan me kabhi nahi mila bt i got it aftr i grew up...whn i quit my 1st job

 see i said na ur santa is very sweet

‎‎Angel[3:12 PM]:

 yes u r right...i agree....n i was cribbing abt the ious here and *** supported my santa too

 it seems that my santa is not in xxx place!

‎‎Santa's Helper[3:12 PM]:

  no comments

‎‎Angel[3:12 PM]:


 anyways plz convey my message to my santa that I love the teddy

‎‎Santa's Helper[3:16 PM]:

 sure i will


See? Isn't this fun?

Will share my IOU designs after the excitement is over! J

Psst… wondering what my Secret Santa is up to… oh well!





Pic Credit: http://static.howstuffworks.com/gif/santa-chimney-1.jpg

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