Monday, December 13, 2010

1971 ads

Regressive ads from the 70’s… L

And I thought these retro ads were cool once upon a time L

Kenmore Stove Ad

It'll cook dinner even if I'm out shopping or something." Because that's all I'm good for - shopping and cooking!!



Van Heusen Ties

"Brand new man-talking, power-packed patterns that tell her it's a man's world...and make her so happy it is!" Yes, she looks happy as a slave!!



Hotpoint automatic dishwasher

Because she isn’t allowed in the living room until those dishes are spotless!



Lux Detergent

"Husbands admire wives who keep their stockings perfect." And um...their mouths shut.



Chase & Sanborn Coffee

Because stale coffee totally warrants a good ole fashioned beating!



Listerine toothpaste ad

Because I always buy a sleek new girdle with the money I save on tooth paste. Gotsta look good for my man!



Schlitz Beer

But you burned my dinner so get your ass back to the store!



Lucky Strike cigarettes

Because being a fatty is way worse than having cancer.



Palmolive soap

So your husband won't leave you.






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