Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Affordable (and thoughtful) gift ideas!

Here're a few of my favorite gift ideas... which don’t cost the world

1.      Cute soft toys from stores in Fariapukur (near Hatibagan) or New Market – surprisingly affordable and often of excellent quality. (Price Range: 50-500/-)

2.      A bag of gourmet coffee (from CCD or Spencers) or tea (from Khadi Gramodyog outlets or any tea boutique) with a pretty coffee cup or a tea cup and saucer (Gourmet Coffee or Tea – 150-300/- or higher)

3.      Personalized coffee cup

4.      Bags of pistachios, almonds and cashews prettily wrapped with coloured ribbons

5.      Framed artwork/photos/posters/postcards

6.      A journal made of handmade paper and a set of gel pens

7.      Deck of playing cards and book of card game rules

8.      A Chess set

9.      Pretty stationary (Writing sheets, envelopes, cards, stickers) and coloured gel pens

10.  A cake baked at home, packed with a colourful cloth napkin

11.  Disposable camera with a roll of film

12.  Craft supplies

13.  Serving bowl or platter or Vase (from Khidderpore Fancy Market)

14.  Oven Mitts, pot holders, colourful aprons and kitchen towels

15.  A small potted plant

16.  A ceramic vase and a few long-stemmed flowers

17.  A tablecloth and a set of table napkins

18.  Dark chocolate bars tied with a ribbon

19.  Hand decorated Photo album

20.  Makeup tote with a nice lipstick, nail colour and a coloured eye-pencil, with or without a powder compact

21.  A big bottle of hand lotion and a small hand towel

22.  Mixed cookies in a ceramic jars

23.  A small wicker basket filled with goumet candy

24.  A subscription to a fashion mag (with heavy glossy pages and lovely pics)

25.  Travel magazines with a travel planner

26.  Movie tickets

27.  Set of Board games

28.  A home facial kit with a small hand towel

29.  Specialty cookbook (with lots of pics)

30.  Books, from a favourite author

31.  Music CDs

32.  A manicure kit with a couple of nail colours

33.  Cozy sweatshirt and warm socks

34.  A wicker basket with wooden kitchen spoons and whisks

35.  A subscription from a video rental service (like BigFlix)

36.  A bottle of premium olive oil and some select spices

37.  A set of baking pans, measuring cups, whisk, spoons and other supplies

38.  A handmade box for keepsakes

39.  Colorful Post-It notepads and a set of gel pens

40.  A big fat book of crossword Puzzles

41.  A power cut kit (with a Flashlight and batteries, packets of chanachur, bhujia and other yummies)

42.  A good set of makeup brushes

43.  A basket with special bath soaps, shower gels, scrubs and a luxurious bath puff

44.  Delicate silver earrings (from Chamba Lama)

45.  Woollen stole in pastel shades

And now that you have your gifts ready, here’s how you can wrap them up creatively:



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