Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dunno what went on... Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Saw this movie called Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na today. This was Aamir's nephew, Imran's debut movie. He's cute (and a kid really... makes one wonder at HOW time flies!) and so's the girl who plays the lead - Genelia something. The premise was nothing earth-shatteringly new. Two friends, who go through college life, without ever acknowledging a mutual attraction, while of course everybody else knows that they are actually in love... er... ummm... okay... yeah well I have friends who can apparently identify with this.... hmmm...

Anyways, there were some interesting dialogues and the camera work was goood and the music was nice (with Rahman at the helm, it's REALLY tough to go wrong... the score was fresh and i love "kabhi kabhi aditi" and "kahin to..."), but there was really no story as such... (i mean even dil chahta hain (one of my favourite movies btw) had no specific "story" but this one scarcely followed any semblence of a plot... the performances were nice, the new kids were okay, naseer was fantastic, supriya pathak was cool, even arbaaz and sohail were great... but even after all and a great climax scene at the airport... something was just MISSING!!

But then i went to see the movie with a lot of personal baggage and probably wasnt all receptive to it... but i still feel that things could have been better... tighter editing for one... and better situations for christ's sake... why cant we think out of the box and just AVOID cliches???!!

ugh! give a rest to the hrithik roshan in Kaho naa types waking up scene or the DCH type phone call "aditi needs me"... instead bring on the Ranjhhor ka Rathod type scenes - which were truly fun!

this isnt a review by any stretch of my limited imagination - but like what the hell - it was a cute movie... but not necessarily a good one... worth a watch.. once.. especially if yr cablewallah's a decent guy... that's abt it...

PS: Smita Patil's son also debuts in a small role, as Aditi's brother - definitely shows a lot of promise.

ERRATUM: It's not Supriya, but the other talented sis, Ratna - who was the spiffy mom! Thanks S for pointing this out! :-)


Phemonoe said...

Who cares :D Imran was hhhot! Mmuuaaahh:D :D :D

Boddo chhana ei ja.:-(

Woodsmoke said...

Fine review. I agree completely.

Only one point of correction though: As far as I remember Supriya Pathak was not in the movie. It was her sister, Ratna Pathak Shah, who played Imran's mom.Unless of course, I missed some scenes completely, which is also possible given the poor quality of the print that I saw.

shreya4u said...

u wnt blv I used to call someone 'indur' since 2007 :P nd m famous among everyone as billi, meow since my childhood :P ;)