Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Things that make me HAPPY!

Waking up to a perfect morning and a smiling face.

Having a photograph turn out just the way you imagined it.

Finding that your cup of tea tastes just the way you like it.

Drawing on steamed-up mirrors with your fingers.

Turning up at office after a hectic project schedule, and discovering there's no work for the day.

On holiday when you can't remember what day it is.

Finding that the cafeteria has hot comforting khichdi on a rainy day.

Finding money, unexpectedly, in your pocket or bag (or inside a book).

Reaching office within 30 mins and no traffic snarls!

Getting a call from an old friend.

Leaving office early and catching a movie.

Getting fresh pop-corn at the movies with the right amount of salt and butter.

Seeing your sister after a long time.

A cool drink of water after you're back from a hot and dusty walk.

Realizing you still know your childhood friend's phone number by heart

Getting up late on a holiday and feeling rested.

When somebody agrees that your plan for the evening is totally fabulous!

Waving goodbye to guests after a big party.

When you've managed to plough through a complicated recipe and cook something really delicious!

Watching old Tom and Jerry cartoons one after the other.

Figuring out the plot twist of a book or film just before it's revealed.

Watching bad movies with friends and having fun laughing at all the bloopers.

Brushing your teeth with a new toothbrush.

The smell of hot Beguni on a cold evening. 

The free flower your florist lets you have just because you've been admiring it for the past half hour!

Running for the bus, tram or train and actually catching it.

A romp with the dog.

Sneaking cheap snacks into the cinema hall.

When someone holds the door of a lift for you.

Removing a sticky price tag in one clean peel

Biting into an apple and finding that it has that perfect juicy crunch!

Finishing a project and knowing that you'll never need to do it again. 

Finally managing to untangle a really big knot.

Having a good hair day.

Putting the last piece in a big jigsaw

Biting into crisp hot buttery toast.

Dangling your feet in water.

Walking barefoot on grass.  

Thinking it's Thursday, when it's actually Friday.

Enjoying an unexpected holiday with Baba.

Getting into clean bed sheets.

The sound of the rain on a tin roof.

That one really good pen that never seems to get lost.

Remembering the name of a non-descript film or actor.

When someone says nice stuff about you.

When the air-hostess sneaks you an extra fruit custard. 

When you find an old pair of socks and discover they have no holes.

A moment of perfect silence. 

Cracking an egg perfectly.

Eating a fried egg with the right amount of gooeyness.

Popping bubble wrap.

Riding piggy-back with your friend at work.

The smell and crackle of a bonfire. 

Getting a letter - the old fashioned stamp and envelope way. 

Getting an invitation for an event you were really hoping to attend. 

Peeling an orange in one go.

Having a whole row of seats to yourself on a plane.

Getting free dessert at a restaurant.

Getting a speck of dust out of your eye.

Wishing on an eye lash!

Playing rock-paper-scissors and giggling all the while. 

The smell of new shoes.

When your shoes are just loose enough to slide off your feet without untying the laces.

When hiccups stop.

Joining what turns out to be the fastest moving queue. 

Laughing out loud.

Jumping in puddles.

Laughing at friends' funny photographs.

Having your photograph turn out well.

When you can type your name and password fast and without looking at the keyboard.

Enjoying a cup of coffee with a close friend.

The smell of petrol.

Comfy pants.

An honest to goodness gossip session.

The smell of rain on a hot pavement.

Hanging your hand out of the car window.

Going through lots of green traffic lights in one go

The smell of dinner when you're really really hunger.

Ma's cooking.

Getting out of the car after a really long drive

Pouring a drink where the bubbles go right to the top of the glass, but don't spill over

Sipping a Mojito that's made just how you like it.

When you push the button for the lift and it's already there. 

Seeing spectacular fireworks.

Changing the TV channel during the ads and flipping back as the programme resumes.

A big hug when you need it.

When Ma cooks your favourite dish just the way you like it.

Digging into a sinfully rich piece of chocolate cake and not feeling guilty since you're sharing it with a friend. 

Seeing a dog that looks just like a dog you know.

Eating with chopsticks.

Watching a scary movie from under a blanket with friends.

Finding the perfect handbag.

Knowing you look good.

When something costs much much less than you expected.

Trying something new… and really liking it!

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