Wednesday, October 6, 2010

How to spend the Pujas

It rained nearly all day today. The sky has been a whole range of sombre colours from jet black to lead grey.
As I looked down from my 10th floor plate glassed cage, the city appeared to have faded from view behind a curtain of mist and rain. The road below looked like a shiny black ribbon on which a series of yellow cabs whizzed past with lacy foam at the wheels. There are, what seems like, a thousand red cars standing in the parking lot interspresed with white ambassadors and blue sedans.
Tiny people scurry past with their umbrellas, dodging cars and buses. There is sparse vegetation now in this once-green area and the nearly naked stunted trees are batted by the rain and slush from speeding cars.
On days like this, what you really should be doing is staying at home, snuggling into bed and sleeping or maybe sipping hot tea while lazily watching the rain or at the most reading the Pujoshonkha (boring as it is this year) - but that's it! No TV or internet. And definitely NO work!
Instead, I am at office, stricken with a yawning epidemic as it seems - hunched over my keyboard and sluggishly tapping out inane instructions on yet another PPT. :-(
Tomorrow is Mahalaya, the first day of the Durga Puja. Will it be as rain soaked too? Hope the Pujas are relatively rain, and more importantly, slush free! Let the weather be that curious mixture of cool breeze and blue skies dotted with fluffy Sarat clouds. Let there be minimal traffic snarls and NO snivelly para MC hogging the mike. There should be no muddy tracks in Baghbazar and the Maddox adda should be on full-throttle!
Hope we all get to spend some quality time with our family and not burdened with money problems, petty differences or any bad thoughts! Let even the poorest of the poor enjoy through the days of the Puja. And be sure to be kind to one another.
For despair is for other days, not during the Durga Pujas!

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