Saturday, September 18, 2010

UP, up and away!

Finally watched UP last night... after days of anticipation and expectation (and feverishly checking my bigflix queue status online!). Was really happy afterwards... and overwhelmed. And enchanted!

Not just the thrill of a flying house (rigged with thousands of helium filled colourful balloons!), UP as the story of the bonding between an old man (Carl) and a young boy (RUssell) was beautiful, absurd and ever so much fun! There was a talking dog (Dug) and a fantastical bird (the sort you name Kevin and then you find it's a she and has babies!!) 

And then of course there was the poignant love story of Carl and Ellie that gave us some of the most beautiful moments in the film! And there was drama with the explorer turned villainous Muntz... and oh well! You just have to see it!

The animation was stunning... the dvd bonus features included 2 animation shorts, a director's cut and a short documentary on the kind of research they did for the movie.... i think i found all that painstaking detailing just amazing! 

To get the backgrounds right, these guys travelled to the inaccessible South American Tepui tabletop mountains and trekked and sketched and shot photographs and studied the light and the rock formations and... phew! who would believe that all that effort went into creating an animated movie? Even the balloons were researched!! My new heroes are Pete Docter, Bob Peterson and the wonderful creative crew.... kudos!

Just fantastic! Planning another watch today...

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