Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Play on!

There are some songs which just keep playing in your mind from the minute you hear them! Playing in an incessant loop, till you hear the next one, the song goes on and on and on... Sometimes you are tempted to hum or even mumble the words and sometimes, bravely sing aloud! The rest of the time, the song plays on at the back of your mind.
It's funny that most of these songs are the ones you would never admit (unless under duress) to even listening to! For instance, I find quite a number of Himesh's nasal compositions have a way of getting into my mnetal playlist (oh horror!) - in fact the more tackier it is, the more frequently it repeats!
Generally, if the cabbie or auto wallah on my way to work plays something, it tends to stick around the whole day... I will, in all fairness, attribute it to the fact that these are generally foot-tapping numbers, enlivening my dull journey and so on and so forth... so in recent times, I have spent entire days humming "Nana chi taang" or tapping my feet to "Munni badnam hui..!" Sometimes, the slower melodious numbers stick too and well, I will admit, I love hearing the songs over and over, till of course you feel a little irritated when it refuses to move past those two lines you picked up in the morning!
Anyway, a colleague was singing Desi Girl under his breath a few minutes ago as he walked past... oh well! So was I!! Coincidence??? Ha ha... who knows??
So, does everyone tune in to a mental radio station?? Does everyone hum or sing off key and feel perfectly happy about it? I do hope so! It's a happy place to be!! :-)

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