Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flame of the Forest

The best part about the office where I go to work nowadays is its accessible location and the fact that it’s in a relatively greener part of Sector V. There are beautiful Krishnachura and Radhachura trees lining the avenue – once, most of Salt Lake was like that with street after street shaded by colourful Jacarandas, Jarul, Shonajhuri and many other trees – now few areas remain the same since most of the trees have been cruelly felled in the name of development.


I’m not saying that we don’t need better infrastructure and definitely, a lot of structural development has to be done. However, at the rate at which trees are being cut and waterbodies being destroyed – we are blindly walking towards an ecological disaster. The wetlands near Sector V have been blithely encroached upon and large areas have been either filled in or taken over for dumping rubbish. Construction for behemoth office buildings, the Metro and various flyovers have resulted in a massive felling of trees. And even though the NDITA claims that they have replanted trees to replace the lost ones, we have seen no concrete evidence to that effect.

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