Monday, February 7, 2011

Wanderlust (Dream Destinations): Stephansdom, Vienna

Stephansdom or St Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna


Located in Vienna, the cathedral of Stephansdom is the seat of the Archdiocese of Vienna. Built in the Gothic style, out of white limestone, its prominent features include the multi-coloured glazed tile roof and the mismatched north and south towers. The building stands a massive 136 m in height and 107 m in breadth.

Mozart had a longstanding relationship with the Stephansdom. He played at the cathedral and even was appointed a music director in his old age. He first discovered that he had turned deaf when he could only see birds flying off the cathedral walls when the famous church bells were ringing. For the record, Mozart was married here and also had his funeral held in the Chapel of the Cross.

Stephansdom is famous for a statue of Christ, popularly known as “Christ with a  toothache!”

This cathedral has several well appointed formal chapels such as St Katherine’s, St Bartholomew’s and even one dedicated to St Valentine!


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