Thursday, November 18, 2010

Getting rid of junk

Am I the only person who's strangely obsessed with people who've left her in worst possible places in life?
How do I stop this?
How do I get over the obsession?
How can I be normal?
I hate the feeling I get when I am depressed and all I can do is just think of those people. Is there a way to zap these memories altogether?
And no, I don't want any of the good bits to stay either - since those are the bits that hurt most...
It should be as if that person NEVER existed... not like NEVER lived or breathed or whatever... I really do not wish that for them...
But at the very least, should NEVER show up even as a distant blip on my radar... EVER.
That should take care of a lot of heartaches, soul-searching, sadness, regret etc. etc. that have lately taken over (or taken over ever since those ppl left).
And even if it's not all of them - I wish I could forget EVERYTHING about one of them. That should be fine, right?

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