Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My sister and I often complain (albeit good naturedly) that Ma is so fond of Bushu, our dog, that she chooses to ignore us nowadays. The truth is I suppose that Bushu has cast his spell over us all and none of us are really immune to his doggy charm!
Even Baba, who is your average strict and stern patriarch is not above scratching Bushu's belly or feeding him tidbits! He even allows the dog to climb in under the covers in winter. Of course he pretends that he wasn't aware when the dog climbed in at night but then he makes no attempt whatsoever to move him away. Ma of course is the one who spoils him most. She sings to him and calls him a thousand pet names (er he is a pet! hahaha) and cuddles him. He doesn't eat from anyone else and reserves his most adoring looks for her. I think Ma likes the fact that he is completely dependent on her. She readily admits that after we grew up (and moved away) she didn't really have much to do. Having Bushu fulfilled a need in her. She likes fussing over him and he loves all the attention!
My sister and I, when we are not complaining about him that is, admit unabashedly our love for Bushu! He was the cutest puppy ever and he is the mildest mannered, most gentle creature we know.
Just today, someone said that it was nice having someone to come home to, of course by that he meant his wife... but like I love the fact I have Bushu to come home to! He'll wag his tail furiously and jump around as if saying "I am so excited to have you back home! Let's play!"

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